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      •      We welcome the energetic fresh employees to join us, also pride the experienced ones on their loyalty and dedication.
             Jinggong is not only a company, but also a career, which needs every member to struggle. During the company growth and the process of achieving goals, the talents are the most important, which we firmly believe is the basis of building first-class company.
             We insist the business philosophy of integrity, trust, cooperation and win-win. The talents are essential for company foothold, competition and development. In the whole Jinggong Group, we have formed the atmosphere of respect, dedication and equity. Now, Jinggong have been the talents gathering company because of its unique human resource strategy, big developing space, good growth environment, effective incentive mechanism and people-oriented concept. To retain the talents, our human resource department sets three basic principles. Firstly, we give the talents big stage and space to realize own values. Secondly, we provide them competitive welfare and salary. Thirdly, we create good cultural atmosphere to strengthen company affinity and cohesion. For the talents selection, we insist the rules of fair and open. We have established scientific human resource management system, making every able and ambitious member can integrate the work, company and community better.
      •    The ones are competent at their job are talent, while the innovative and pioneering ones are outstanding talents !
        ¡¡The talent is the most important resource. Both the doctors, masters, senior executives and normal workers, sales, technicians, they are all indispensable for Jinggong¡¯s continuously development. We welcome more talents to join us!
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